2019 Nominations

Nomination Rules and Guidelines:

  1. You may nominate up to eight (8) female characters.
  2. You must nominate at least three (3) eligible characters.
  3. At least three (3) eligible anime franchises must be represented in your ballot.
  4. You may at most nominate three (3) eligible characters from a single anime franchise.
  5. All nominations have equal weight. There is no ranking of nominations.
  6. You may submit your nomination only once. You cannot submit a partial ballot and continue it later.
  7. Ballots that do not follow these rules will be discarded entirely.
  8. Do not nominate a character if...
    • The character has appeared in ISML 2019 Main Tournament
    • The character has appeared in ISML 2019 Tournament of Champions
    • The character's anime series appeared within the the previous four Seasonal Tournaments*
    • * Exception: If a character's first non-cameo appearance was after 30th September, 2019, she will be considered.
    • **The appearance here is defined as having at least one character making it past nominations to be among the characters participating in the Seasonal Tournament Preliminary Group matches.
    • The character has fewer than three lines (spoken or otherwise) within the season

Series eligible for 2019 Autumn Seasonal

Series that are eligible for 2019 Autumn Seasonal except for characters already in the 2019 Main Tournament

Series that are not eligible except for characters who appeared after 30st September, 2019 and are not in the 2019 Main Tournament